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Windows A-G

Window H (So close, so far)
Media: Digital print on transparency film, LED lightbox
Size: 24" x 24" 
Date: 2015
Window F
Media: Glass neon with hardware 
Size: 45" x 30" x 1.5” 
Date: 2012
Window E
Media: Digital print on mirror substrate 
Size: 72” x 24” x 1” 
Date: 2012 
Window D
Media: Digital Print on Mirror, Aluminum Backing 
Size: 48" x 30" 
Date: 2012 
Edition Size: 3 
Photo credit: Ken Stanek
Window C
Media: Formica laminate, plywood, acrylic paint and two battery powered fluorescent tubes 
Size: 16” x 20” x 4”, set of five 
Date: 2011 
Window B
Media: acrylic on canvas, wood stretcher, plaster 
Size: 60.25” x 53” x 7” 
Date: 2011
Window A
Media: aluminum, Formica laminate, fluorescent lighting 
Size: 42” x 62.5” x 4” 
Date: 2010 

About the Windows Series


The Window Series explores ideas of inside vs outside, the outside bearing connections to nature as in "the great outdoors", the inside as a space that separates us from the exterior and inevitably from one another. The window is the line that divides these two worlds. However, when one passes through the window into the outside, this realm is likely to mirror the interior in that it is designed and tamed with little trace of untouched nature. The window then becomes a mirror, our image is projected into both worlds pointing to a problematic and philosophical search for nature. Where then is the dividing line between the built environment and the natural world?

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