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Commemorative Fixtures

Ladew Garden Glow 2021 at Ladew Topiary Gardens October 21-23, 2021 

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right side_3522_web copy.jpg
Commemorative Fixtures (at Ladew Topiary Garden for "Garden Glow")
Media: LED neon, wood, steel, z-racks
Size: 3 structures: each structure is 70" x 64" x 24"
Date: 2021
Through Commemoratory Fixtures, I aim to call forth the familiarity of silence and awaken a sense of nostalgia for discarded sites we once dutifully tended to like the gardens that surround the work. The dimly lit structures evoke vestiges of retail: of the brick and mortar sites in our communities and our home towns that have fallen silent. This work follows in the vein of the recent one-person exhibit Sorry we missed you at the Frederick Arts Council – a show that worked to make tangible the emotional quality of sustained isolation and economic decline that characterizes this time - while romantically highlighting artifacts of human presence in order to draw out awareness of the universal desire for human connection. Many thanks to Ladew Gardens for sponsoring Commemoratory Fixtures.
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