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Primal Tan


Primal Tan

Media: Spray tan equipment/solution, custom wall paper, painted plaster benches, sculpted mini-frig and other media 
Size: Dimensions Variable 

Date: 2013

Photo credit: Theresa Kiel and Eddie Winter

About Primal Tan:

Part Chieftain, part auto-body painter, the applicator of the spray-tan solution offers a transformative experience to the participant as she airbrushes a deep tan on their skin. This act links us to our ancestors would have spent a great deal of time outdoors as they hunted and gathered increasing their melanin production. After the treatment, the participants retreat to a lounge. This cozy area re-creates a cave-like environment and provides space for social interaction – allowing for the formation of temporary communities.

Thanks to the team of interns, volunteers and assistants who were instrumental in the creation of this and other work in Stopgap at Gallery 4: Joy Davis, Liz Durette, Colin Foster, Jake Lazovick, Nick Peeler, Amelia Szpiech, and Chip Banister.

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