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Natural Lighting Emulators I - VI

Lisa Dillin PNLE-B 2019.jpg

PNLE-B (Portable Natural Lighting Emulator, Natural Lighting Emulator VI)

Media: Found Object, Steel, Light

Size: 13" x 4" x 17.5” (+light/wall space)

Date: 2019 

PNLE second shot full -small.jpg
PNLE second shot detail full -small.jpg

PNLE (Portable Natural Lighting Emulator, Natural Lighting Emulator IV)

Media: Powder Coated Aluminum, Glazed Ceramic

Size: 35" x 35" x 35” (pedestal 47" diameter)

Date: 2019 (designed 2013)

Natural Lighting Emulator V

Media: Waterjet Cut Aluminum, Painted Steel, Theatrical Lighting, Arduino-driven Servo Motors, Aluminum Truss
Size: 13' x 20' x 20'
Date: 2016

Created for Light City Baltimore 2016. Thanks to Adam Franchino for his brilliant work on the kinetics for this project.

Natural Lighting Emulator III

Media: Window, vinyl, sunlight 
Size: 93.5" x 52.5" 
Date: 2014 

Natural Lighting Emulator II

Media: Vinyl vertical blinds, painted steel, fluorescent lighting, color gels 
Size: 84" x 74" x 6" 
Date: 2012 

Photo credit: Ken Stanek

Natural Lighting Emulator

Media: Ceiling tiles, aluminum, lighting, colored gels, plywood, paint 
Size: 93" x 103.5" x 103.5" 
Date: 2011 
Installed at (e)merge art fair at the Capital Skyline Hotel in Washington DC with Flashpoint September 2011

About the Natural Lighting Emulator Series:


The Natural Lighting Emulator series is based on a specific natural lighting situation: sunlight as seen from beneath a tree canopy. Within the built environment, the opportunity to experience this “natural lighting situation” is diminishing. The cautionary NLE light works provide a thrilling surrogate for this natural phenomenon – they function as a playful solution to life in the built environment, disconnected from the natural world.


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